Summer – Appliance Maintenance Tips

Washers & Dryers

  1. Almost 90 percent of your washing machine’s energy use comes from heating water. Washing your laundry in warm, or better still, cold water can save you over $1,000 over the lifetime of your machine without compromising the quality of your wash.
  2. If you’re looking to buy a washer, a front-loading appliance tend to use less water and reduce wear and tear on your clothing.
  3. Almost all dryers have similar energy costs, but you can still save by drying full loads (do not overfill, though), keeping your lint filter clean and separating your loads by thickness of material (i.e. don’t dry towels with bed sheets).

appliance tips, appliance repair, appliance maintenance, a same day appliance repairDishwashers 

  1. The vast majority of expense here is heating the water to clean your dishes. While no one will recommend running your dishes through a cold cycle, you can cut cost by only running full loads.
  2. Many models now feature an “air dry” option, which can save you up to 50 percent of the energy used. If your unit doesn’t include this option, simply opening the door at the end of the cycle works just as well.  It also fills the kitchen with a nice little blast of heat (you can do the same with the oven when you’re done cooking during the winter months).


  1. Be sure that you don’t keep your refrigerator next to your stove or dishwasher; the radiant heat will make it work harder to stay cool.
  2. Check the temperature at which it’s set. Use a thermometer to measure and keep the temperature in your fridge at 40°. Any higher, and your energy saving will be undercut by food that spoils more quickly.
  3. Make sure your seal is, well, sealed. Close a dollar bill in the door. If you can pull it out easily, then your seal may be weak.
  4. Keep the coils well ventilated and clean so that heat doesn’t build up.

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