Refrigerator Repair | Why Buy a Second Fridge?

Refrigerator Repair | Why Buy a Second Fridge?

Refrigerator Repair | Some people say they can’t live without their second refrigerator in the basement or chest freezer in the garage – but is it worth the splurge? Whether you love to entertain or prepare your meals ahead of time, we’ve outlined the reasons why you should consider investing in an extra freezer or second fridge.

You entertain often

If you host weekly cookouts or frequent dinner parties, a second fridge or freezer can come in handy. Use it store beverages and free up precious space in your main fridge during the party. You can also make appetizers, meals and desserts ahead of time and store them in your second fridge/freezer without sacrificing space in the kitchen. Party prep just got a lot easier!

You buy in bulk

Whether you like to stock up on a certain food item because it’s on sale or in season (or you have a large family), buying in bulk is much more convenient and feasible when you have the extra storage space. From canned food items to buckets of ice cream to hefty portions of meats, an extra fridge/freezer will give you space to store these items – and the opportunity to save money by purchasing them in bulk!

You have a garden

Do you love to grow your own herbs or veggies? Take advantage of what’s in season and make sure you have leftovers for later in the year by investing in a spare freezer. Wash and freeze your fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables to make your favorite dishes all year long, even when the ingredients aren’t in season. If you can food items at home, a spare fridge is an ideal place to store canned goods that need to be kept cold year-round.

You cook meals ahead of time

Some people prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them to eat throughout the month (especially those who live alone or who have busy weeks). This is a convenient way to save time during the week, but you’ll need plenty of space for those frozen meals! Consider using a chest or upright freezer for dishes that won’t fit in your main fridge – especially large casseroles and soups.

You want to cut down on grocery store runs

If you would prefer to take less trips to the grocery store, an extra fridge may be your best bet since it will provide you with enough space to stock up each time you go to the store. It will require a bit of planning, but buying in bulk and making/freezing meals ahead of time could save you a few trips to the grocery store each month. – hhgregg

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