GE Appliance Repair | The Best Fridge for Your Kitchen

GE Appliance Repair | The Best Fridge for Your Kitchen

GE Appliance Repair | When it comes to choosing the right GE refrigerator for your kitchen, you can’t afford to go wrong. GE refrigerators are known for reliability, fit and style. But before you purchase one, you should educate yourself on what’s out there, what features you can afford within your budget, and how much money you plan to spend running it each year. Since you would need weeks to obtain this information, we thought we’d make it easier by compiling it for you.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

GE Refrigerators for Small Spaces

If you’re buying a refrigerator for a small space like an apartment, dorm or double-wide, a side by side or French-door model will take up too much space. For a tight squeeze, it’s best to go with a stacked option with a freezer door on top or a freezer drawer at the bottom. The good news is that there are lots of GE refrigerators in this range with tons of features. Something like the GE GDE23GGHBB would be perfect. It has two-tiers, 23.2 cu. ft. capacity, adjustable shelves, ice maker, and it comes in three colors.

GE Refrigerators for Large eat-in Kitchen

If you’re choosing a GE refrigerator for a large kitchen, the sky’s the limit. Well, actually, you may have a limit if you’re only replacing an old fridge and not remodeling your whole kitchen, so let’s take a look at both scenarios.

GE’s French-Door Refrigerators

Okay, so a total remodel gives you the freedom to not only choose whatever GE refrigerator your heart desires, but it also gives you plenty of placement options (unless you have one in mind of course). If you’re going to be hosting lots of dinner parties, a GE French-door refrigerator is the way to go here. Let’s take the GE GNE29GSHSS as an example. This refrigerator has 3-doors (a set of French-doors and pull out freezer drawer at the bottom). It holds approximately 28.5 cu. ft. of food. The interior is spacious and features a twin chill function to keep all of your food at the perfect temperature. The bottom freezer contains two deep drawers, which is great for storing boxed goods and frozen meat. The secret feature of this refrigerator is its Energy Star rating. Since the GE GNE29GSHSS has an Energy Star rating, it is efficient to run.

GE Refrigerators for Mid-sized Kitchens

If you have a 2-4 bedroom home, chances are your kitchen is at least 11ft. in length and 10ft. in width. With this size, GE gives you lots of options. At the time of this writing, GE has five style options: French doors, side by side, 3 doors, two-tier and door-in-door. All of these options come in stainless steel, black, and white, but only on select models.

After you narrow down your color choice, think about practicality: how much space you need, how much space you have to store it in, and what features you can’t do without. GE has a range of refrigerators with water filtration systems, ice makers, door-in-door storage, LED lighting and spill-proof glass shelves.

Here’s a list of examples:

With ice maker – GE GFE26GGHBB

With pull out drawer freezer – GE GNE29GSHSS

Side by Side – GE GSE23GGEBB

Two-Tier – GE GTS22SBXSS

Quick Tip – Mapping Out Your Space

If you’re simply swapping refrigerators, you’ll need a GE refrigerator that’s roughly the same size as the one you’re removing. To get a perfect fit, GE Appliances recommends the following:

  • Measure the depth, width and height of the space (minus the refrigerator).
  • Measure the door opening.
  • Leave 1 inch of extra space on the sides, top and back of the refrigerator to give room for ventilation.

You’ll also need room on both sides of the refrigerator so you can move it out easily.

If you walk into an appliance store looking for a GE refrigerator, the salesperson will ask a lot of questions to help you select, but if you want a good deal, shopping online may be your best bet. That’s why we compiled the above list to make your online shopping experience with Appliances Connection easier.

If you have any questions or suggestions for our next blog entry, leave a comment below. As always, enjoy your remodel and thank you for choosing Appliances Connection as your one-stop appliance shop! – Appliance Connection

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