Appliance Repair | The GE Cafe for the Serious Home Chef

Appliance Repair | The GE Cafe for the Serious Home Chef

Appliance Repair | I often find myself watching an extraordinary amount of cooking challenges on Food Network and BBC. I sometimes wonder if I could do better than some of the contestants. In fact, more often than not, I’m yelling at the screen trying to correct their mistakes. Then I give up and decide to try the recipes myself.


My kitchen appliances aren’t up to scratch. I mean, I have a fairly decent appliance setup, but they just aren’t (insert air quotes) “chef quality”.

In searching for affordable appliances for the home chef, I ran across GE Café. The name sparked my interest, so before investing I did a lot of research.

Here’s what I found.

GE Café was inspired by Food Service Equipment

GE Café was made to accommodate the serious home chef. It features a bunch of great details that are reminiscent of food service equipment, albeit more aesthetically pleasing. Every piece in the GE Café collection is streamlined and coated in stainless steel. So no matter what your kitchen design, it will definitely fit.

Some of the professional features included in the GE Café collection are:

  • Griddle system
  • Knobs with lighting
  • Convection with Direct Air
  • 5 burners
  • Microwave with convection, halogen and ceramic heating capabilities
  • French-doors (oven and refrigerator*)
  • Hot water dispensing refrigerator*
  • 102 cleaning jets in the dishwasher
  • Bottle wash jets in dishwasher

*select models

It provides true Heating and Cooling

One problem I’ve always had with kitchen appliances is that I could never quite estimate the correct setting for Low, Medium and High. I know this sounds silly, since the knobs are clearly marked, but the settings and output don’t quite match. I didn’t have that problem with the GE Café induction or gas cooktop. The “low” setting was actually low and the “medium” was medium, which makes a huge difference when you need to slow cook and simmer. Trust me, I’ve been at the receiving end of many burned dishes because my low setting was too high.

And while we’re on the subject of precise temperature control, the refrigerator was the most impressive. You don’t know how many times I’ve put fresh produce in my refrigerator just to pull it out wilted and limp (or worst frozen) the next day. Luckily, the GE Café refrigerator didn’t do this to me. I chose the French-door model with hot water dispenser. In this particular model, the drawers are electronically controlled, so you can set them at the perfect temperature for your stored goods. This will keep your produce from spoiling or freezing (which I and my pockets are eternally grateful for.)

Oh and there’s LED lighting – but that’s just icing on the cake. (The cake that I can now keep cool and see under a beautiful LED display.)

They’re built to FIT

Another feature that I really like about this suite is that all pieces fit effortlessly into my kitchen. They are measured precisely and fit flush with all of my surrounding cabinetry and structures. This takes the guess work out of installation and of course, the surprise is that they work like professional appliances without the bulkiness that those appliances often come with.

Well, I think I’ve gone on enough and I don’t want to take away from your experience in trying out the GE Café collection yourself. They really are neat and my experiences with them have been positive. If you have the chance, try out a few in an appliance showroom! – Appliance Connection Blog

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