Appliance Repair | Properly Using Steel in Your Kitchen

Appliance Repair | Properly Using Steel in Your Kitchen

Appliance Repair | Stay on point with the latest kitchen decorating trend by incorporating metals.

What kept me from purchasing really good appliances in the past was the fact that they never fit into my design. They were either the wrong type of metal or the wrong shade of the right type of metal. Either way, I couldn’t have what I wanted and had to settle — which I hated.

The good thing about newer appliances is that they are manufactured to fit into just about any kitchen design. They’re all the same amount of gloss and shine, even though the colors are slightly different. In a way, it’s what makes them work well together.

This year alone I’ve seen black stainless steel (yes it exists), copper, gold stainless steel and black with stainless accessories.  In some kitchens, I’ve even seen silver cabinets, mixed metal splash backs and glass tiles!  It’s all so futuristic, but somehow, it works.

Cool right?

Here are a few examples of how you can easily use steel in your kitchen for a seamless and flawless look.

This is the perfect way to showcase a few metallic pieces without overwhelming your kitchen’s design. This design works best in kitchens with lighter colored wood and very dark countertops or flooring. By peppering stainless steel throughout the kitchen, it gives the illusion of space and granduer. What do you think?

From the above kitchen it’s clear to see what the designer was going for.

As the sun pours in through the French-glass window, it illuminates the kitchen’s centerpiece — the marble island. Metallic cabinetry and appliances work as natural reflectors, bouncing light and warmth throughout the entire kitchen. By mixing wood and fine gold accessories, this kitchen instantly upgraded from cozy to a living work of art.

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At first glance, it looks as though flames are emitting from the stainless steel range hood above the island. This delightful play on the eye is caused by a reflection from the pendant ceiling lights. They cast just enough color to set a restaurant dining mood at night and a fiesta flare in the day. This is the perfect example of an industrial kitchen for the everyday home cook.

Over-sized stainless steel appliances sit perfectly flush with the surrounding wood-grain cabinets, slate counter-tops and urban brick flooring. Everything about this kitchen is edgy, yet it seems so peaceful.  Can’t go wrong with wood, metal and ambient lighting.

I could just imaging myself in this space. Lounging on that plush grey couch, listening to soft music and smelling the perfect aroma of baked goods coming from the open kitchen. Just look at it. It makes me feel fancy just imagining myself there.

The decorator did something great in this open space. He kept everything neutral with just a splash of color here and there — and the splashes are bold! Plum is in and he had no reservations about using it to the max! The island and cabinets are plum gorgeous — pun intended — while the appliances are neat, clean and of course stainless. There are also bold statement handles on every cabinet and drawer which draw your eyes to the stainless steel counter tops. Recessed lighting in the island hood and surrounding cabinetry add just the right amount of shimmer to this already glamorous space.

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What can I say about this space other than it’s hot! I remember the days when people were trying to get away from red kitchen fixtures, but now its seems as though they’re here to stay. All I have to say about that is — welcome back!

Out with the old outdated matte cabinets! This kitchen takes gloss to a whole new level. It’s almost as if the cabinets are just glimmering rubies waiting to be touched and admired. Don’t you just want to touch those cabinets? Somehow, this shade works. Although it is quite a lot of red in this kitchen, the first thing you notice are the stainless steel appliances and the wood/metal kitchen cart to the left. The strobe lights are strategically positioned to cast the perfect balance of light on the cabinets, counter top and flooring. I don’t know what the cook is preparing in this picture, but I feel as though it will be spicy!

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When decorating outdoors, people often neglect the patio and head right for the garden. I have to admit, I’m one of you. But this picture says 1,000 words and every word makes me want to put on a pair of overalls and starts grouting! Stone and granite are two of the best materials to showcase your outdoor appliances, and not just because they look good, but because they’re the most resistant to mold and mildew. You definitely don’t want those things anywhere near your cooking appliances! This designer kept it semi simple by choosing the same color cabinets and appliances. He didn’t have to add much more to this entertaining space since the surrounding landscape painted the perfect backdrop already.

This layout is the most typical of all the kitchens I’ve shown so far. I wanted you to see the right way to mix wood and stainless steel in a small confined space. Most apartments have limited room in the kitchen, and since you have to get all sorts of permissions to expand it, you just have to work with the layout you’re given. This seems like a sentence to the average person, but to a designer, it’s a welcomed challenge. The designer in this instance, chose to provide the illusion of more space by using lighter colors for the floor and counter tops. He kept the dark colors minimal and mixed them into the lighter surroundings. Everything is spaced pefectly and the centerpiece of the kitchen is the range hood and built-in gas range. The pixillated mosaic tile makes you feel as if there’s more to see, although the buck stops there.

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If you have space — Go wild! 

This designer uses the scariest color for a kitchen, but it somehow makes the kitchen more exciting. In almost every instance, dark kitchens absorb light — but not in this one. The white mosaic tiles, beech-wood flooring and stainless steel appliances scatter light throughout the entire space, while the white marble counter tops almost glow with a light of their own, thanks to bright pendant lighting. It’s almost hard to find anything about this kitchen that isn’t glowing with a light of its own.

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The best rooms in my opinion are the rooms with angles! This room plays a trick with my perception of depth and space and I love it. It seems like there are hidden gems in every corner. Too many to point out. But I will say there is an ingenious mingling of shapes and lighting here that perfectly complements the black accessories and surrounding slate tiles. Oh and did you notice the sheen on the black appliances? Well, this sheen is not actually a sheen — these are the black stainless steel appliances I mentioned before.  They won’t stain, rust or smudge and they require little to no maintenance.  Below is another instance of black stainless steel appliances. – Appliance Connection Blog

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