Appliance Repair | Improve Efficiency with Dryer Maintenance

Appliance Repair | Improve Efficiency with Dryer Maintenance

Appliance Repair | A broken dryer can cause a road bump that disrupts the flow of your life. Without the convenience of your dryer, you’re either stuck going to the laundromat or stringing clothes up on the line. A poorly maintained dryer can also cause spikes in your energy bill, costly breakdowns, and even deadly fires.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

When you get routine dryer maintenance, you will have to worry less about utilities going up. Cleaning the dryer vent will bring the energy-efficiency levels back to what they were before. Clogs in the dryer’s vents will restrict airflow, which requires the dryer to work harder. Check your dryer vents for lint build-up. Clear obstructions, or call a dryer vent cleaning specialist for help.

Dry Clothes on Time

appliance repairWhen the dryer is working properly and efficiently, you will not have to run longer cycles or even double cycles just to get your clothing dry enough. This saves you time and money on energy bills. Long cycle times can be the result of a dirty dryer vent or faulty part. Regular maintenance can help you identify and resolve cycle time problems before the machine completely dies.

Less Humidity Inside

A clogged dryer vent causes more problems than just an inefficient dryer, and this is because the blockage it creates also prevents humidity from leaving your home. A dryer that is not maintained will indirectly lead to a more humid home, and this is definitely something you want to avoid.

Reduced Chance of a Fire

An essential part of appliance maintenance is reducing fire chances. Although you may believe your dryer is new or in good-enough condition to avoid starting a fire, these situations happen randomly. Making sure the dryer vent is cleaned on a regular basis will help reduce the chance of a fire.

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